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Trilogic are specialists in laptop repair, from a power connector fix to motherboard component change. Beware companies offering a fixed laptop repair cost as all faults are different! Trilogic will quickly give you a FREE QUOTATION before undertaking any notebook or laptop repair. Just complete the enquiry form or telephone us now for immediate help with any laptop repair.

Virus Trojan Adware Infections


Virus, Trojan and Adaware infections are a real problem as a single Trojan has the potential to broadcast your bank passwords etc to a hacker on the internet. Many people have had problems caused by their personal details being leaked from their computers by Trojan/viruses. As soon as you suspect an infection you should have it removed and your virus checker updated or replaced. Adaware is less of a problem but should be removed as it will severely slow down the computer.Trilogic will either remove the infections and install a virus checker or reformat the computer and install a virus checker. If necessary we can save parts of your data before reformatting.

There are two reasons why we normally suggest reformatting the computer when attacked by a virus or Trojan – The computer when resetup will run at its fastest speed as any corrupt files etc will be removed. Secondly, sometimes a virus or Trojan may automatically download undesirable files to the computer that may not be found during scans, reformatting should remove these.

We charge £49 for virus removal/antivirus software install or reformat/antivirus install for a pc and £10 extra for a laptop. There is a small charge for backing up part of your data before a reformat if required.

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