Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Everybody wants their data recovered quickly. Often we can recover data in less than 2hrs; please phone or call in for immediate help. We make NO charge if we cannot recover your data.

We are usually asked to recover data from hard drives (contained inside a laptop etc.), external hard drives or USB RAM sticks. Often recovery can be completed within 1hr – 2hr depending upon data volume etc.

HD FailedaData Recovery Laptop etc. Generally when a hard drive starts to fail in a laptop, netbook or pc the machine initially becomes slower to boot and run software. You may notice lock-ups or freezing of the software. The machine may still be useable but slow to respond. This usually occurs when the hard drive is beginning to fail.

In more severe cases Windows will not launch; perhaps with a grey screen or an everlasting loading logo. Sometimes you may hear the drive clicking.

Generally, the symptoms outlined above indicate that you hard drive is failing or has failed. You should seek immediate help as the chances of fully data recovery become less the longer a failing hard drive is used. Fortunately, it is usually possible for us to salvage your important data; however, once the hard drive gets to the clicking stage recovery is usually more problematic. NO RECOVERY NO CHARGE.

ExternalHDaData Recovery External Hard Drive. External hard drives very commonly fail as they tend to be treated more roughly than your computer. Generally, you will not be able to access any of the data or the hard drive will not be seen within Windows. NO RECOVERY NO CHARGE.


ssdaSSD Hard Drives. If your computer has a SSD hard drive (this is a fully electronic hard drive with no moving parts) then failure occurs in a different way to above. Generally, mechanical hard drives fail due to vibration or shock; SSD hard drives fail due to component failure.

SSD hard drives generally fail completely without warning; the computer will just report that there is no boot device. However, often when a SSD hard drive starts to fail you will notice odd file names along with slow or hesitating Windows. NO RECOVERY NO CHARGE.

ramstickaUSB RAM Stick. These are commonly used for data storage and a very easily broken. You may find that the device is not seen by Windows or appears to need formatting. This usually indicates failure. We can usually recover your data depending upon the exact make and model of stick often within 1hr – 2hrs. NO RECOVERY NO CHARGE.